How game dubbing has helped games succeed in global markets

In recent years, the gaming industry has grown exponentially, with people of different ages and various backgrounds enjoying playing videogames. Developers use dubbing to satisfy a diversified user base by bringing the game closer to them.

Dubbing is gaining popularity as it allows the user to immerse themselves in the game through their preferred language. Today, we here at Latis Global, provider of Sound Services for games entering the international market, will discuss dubbing and how some exceptional videogames have succeeded, thanks to this method.

How Important Is Game Dubbing?

In the past, games were relatively simple, without dialogue or cinematics. But today, thanks to continuous advancements in technology, there is much more to a videogame, allowing for players to immerse themselves in the game and enabling them to have more of a connection. Player experience can be enhanced by the game’s sound. In particular, dubbing in the players’ native tongue is a pivotal aspect in providing for a realistic gaming experience. With the increasing importance of the user’s experience, or UX, dubbing’s relevance has also grown.

Conveying the Game’s Value to the Players

Among the many elements in a game, dubbing is the best way for a player to relate to a game. Dubbed games offer the player more thrills, engaging them emotionally. Gamers will also regard making the effort to dub as a sign of respect on the part of the developers, as well as conveying the game’s value to them.

Finding Buyers Among Fierce Competition

For videogame industry veterans, it is already known that players all over the world enjoy playing games in their native language. This is the reason why dubbing games provides a competitive edge in new markets. Dubbing should be always considered an important step in the development process. In that vein, it is important to conduct some preliminary market research when deciding the most appropriate languages to dub.

Games Considered a Dubbing Success

Final Fantasy XII

Playing Final Fantasy XII in English is like watching a Shakespearian play on stage. The delivery of the dialogue, the expression of emotions, the chemistry between the cast members has an aura of elegance that is unique to FFXII.

This atmosphere was achieved by casting real actors and having localization professionals edit parts of the script so that the characters would use real-life accents, thus giving greater depth to the worldbuilding. In the English dub of FFXII, the characters used their own accents, so that when first introduced, players knew which country each character was from.

The Last of Us

Voice Acting Worthy of an Oscar.

This zombie thriller survival story developed by Naughty Dog is considered one of the best videogames for a variety of reasons, the top reason being its moving movie-like story bringing tears to the player’s eyes. But without voice acting to give the game more of an emotional impact, this level of immersion would not have been possible.

The Last of Us starts with Sarah’s death, introducing the players to a moment of deep pain. Hana Hayes, who gave her voice to Sarah, gave an amazing performance. Troy Baker, who voiced Sarah’s father Joel, used his voice to show the pain and desperation of losing his daughter, delivering an Oscar-worthy performance.

Thanks to the perfect blend of voice acting and storytelling, culminating into the height of emotion, The Last of Us became one of the best videogames ever made.

Listen to Sarah’s performance and hear for yourself.

Diablo 4

In Diablo IV, it has been half a century since Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has spread untold horror. Diablo 4 now invites players to a dark fantasy world where Lilith, mother of all evil, is reborn to destroy the world for eternity as the world is devastated by war and demonic forces. Elias’ mysterious voice is interpreted by Anthony Howell, a British actor with a vast amount of voice acting experience in videogames, and famous for such notable roles in “Elden Ring”, “Demon’s Soul”, “World of Warcraft” and “Final Fantasy”, among others.

Diablo 4 offers players an immersive gaming experience. This game is full of compelling stories and legendary challenges that will satisfy the anticipation long awaited by players.

* Professional Sound Studios For Game Dubbing

When exporting games to markets overseas, it is important to choose a sound studio that also has a reliable localization team. Whether it is subtitles or dubbing, choosing the right company that fits the style of the game is key.

Working with the localization teams at Latis Global, time and resources will be saved when it comes to researching, translating to effectively localize your games for the global gaming