Localization / LQA

Game Localization and LQA Testing

Thanks to our rich experience and know-how we’re able to provide distinct localization services.

A team of professional game-savvy translators, reviewers, native speakers and engineers provide high-quality services through our proven and structured T.E.P System.

Our goal is to maximize the player’s immersion in the game by considering cultural, functional factors, and the user experience.

High Quality


We provide the best high-quality localization service using specialized translators, reviewers, native speaking proofreaders, engineering, and project management for each genre.

  • Localization Project Management and Planning
  • Game Script Localization
  • UI Localization
  • User Manual Localization
  • Community Localization
  • Game Marketing Data Localization
  • Website Localization
  • App Localization
  • Image Localization
  • Proofreading by Native Speakers

LQA Test

Linguistic QA
  • Correction of Mistranslations and Untranslated parts
  • Fix Button or UI Consistency Issues
  • Maximize Text Readability
  • NPC Dialogue Style and Tone Modification
  • Fix Overlapping Phrases Display Issues
Visual QA
  • Fix Text Area
  • Fix Tag Source Not Loadable Issues
  • Fix Text Alignment Issues
Rewrite QA
  • Rewrites to Match Text to the Game’s Current Situation
  • Suggest or Rewrite Terminology Based on a Game’s Concept
Functional QA
  • Fix Keyboard Issues
  • Check Link/Command/Game Coding Issues
  • Test Game Function
  • Test Audio Issues
  • Check NPC Issues
  • Check Typo/Language Issues