Game OSTs (original soundtracks) provide users with a deeper understanding of the game world and an emotional connection to it. In this respect, game OSTs can have a huge marketing impact through their characterization. Today, we’re going to look at the effect that game OSTs have on users.

[Positive effects of game OSTs]

The emotional music in the game’s OST helps to maximize the player’s emotions at specific moments. Music, especially at important narrative turning points or emotional endings, leaves a lasting impression on players and reinforces the game’s message. This has a positive impact on how players remember the game.

In particular, a great OST will stay with you long after you’ve played the game. When music is associated with a specific moment in the game, players will form positive memories of the game as they recall the moment they felt moved. It’s the kind of experience that makes you want to play the game again, and it’s the kind of experience that sticks in your users’ minds.

Image source : Civilization® VI – The Official Site

A prime example is “Baba Yetu” from “Civilization. In the case of this OST, it plays when a user wins a long game, and the music gives them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and to this day, it has become so famous that whenever the game Civilization is mentioned, people who have played it will think of it.

Also, certain OSTs play a big role in emotionally connecting with characters. For example, playing the theme music of a character who plays a specific role in your game will remind you of their story, and players will feel more emotionally connected to them. When each character has their own music, it increases their recognizability and makes gamers feel more immersed in the story of the game.

Image source : [Lost Ark|OST] The Official YouTube Channel

For example, “Sweet Dreams, My dear” from “Lost Ark” is a song that tells the hidden story of an NPC who helps the user, and many users were moved when the song played.

[Leveraging OSTs for Marketing]

OSTs also have a positive effect on the marketing of certain games. As mentioned briefly above, the OST was used to emphasize the brand and uniqueness of Civilization, so that players are reminded of the game just by hearing the music. You can use this in a trailer or promotional video to highlight the atmosphere and features of your game, which can help you get users more excited about it.

Image source : MEMORIES & VOCAL COLLECTION The Neople Official Blog Channel

Once your game’s OST has gained some traction, you can start promoting that music through streaming platforms. For example, in the case of Neople’s “Dungeon & Fighter,” the main login music became so popular with users that they released the “MEMORIES & VOCAL COLLECTION” OST album to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The album was released as an OST by adding a vocal collection to the BGM-only music, and as a result, users who were already fans of the music were streaming it, and people who didn’t know about Dungeon & Fighter were introduced to the game and started playing it through streaming. Feeling that it was a great marketing move, Neople recently announced that they will continue to release streaming music until November 2023.

[Final Thoughts]

Game OSTs are like guides that take players deep into the game’s world. By taking players on a journey with emotion, games have become more than just media, they’ve become emotional art. Latis Global will also strive to create special moments through good sound, forming an emotional connection and memories for players, just like games do through their OSTs.