What Are the Duties of Remote Game Testing?

Game testing is the process of assessing game software to ensure its quality and provide a high standard of user experience. Remote game testing refers to the practice of conducting tests online, overcoming geographical constraints. Testers can be recruited, tests conducted and be paid online, so one can work comfortably from home.

Developers also have the opportunity to select the optimal number of testers from a diverse pool, which means that anyone can become the tester that developers need!

How Does Remote Game Testing Work?

Testers can apply to developers who need game testing remotely and start testing tasks using the devices they use at home. Testing tasks are performed in various ways according to the requirements of the developers. Broadly speaking, they can be categorized as follows.

1. Reviews and Surveys

Testers play for a set amount of time and then write a review from the gamer’s perspective, either following a prescribed format or freely, and answer and submit surveys provided by the developer.

  • Testers survey user experiences related to the intrinsic enjoyment and balance aspects of the game. This aids developers in analyzing the success factors of the game before entering the gaming market.
  • Developers often ask for the user experience of playing in a tester’s personal environment. This can be very helpful in the development of the game, as it includes information about such things like the network in your area and the compatibility of your device.

2. Identifying Bugs and Flaws

Testers perform checklists or test cases (TCs) provided by developers to find bugs and defects in the areas of stability, performance, graphics, and functionality of the game. Testers are asked to play freely and find bugs and defects. The advantage of remote testing is being able to recruit a diverse range of testers, so you can get objective test results for issues that real users might encounter.

What’s the Key to Remote Game Testing?

In testing, effective communication between teams is crucial, and tools are essential for online communication from remote locations. While there are a variety of tools used for remote work, most organizations prefer secure tools like messengers or Jira for internal communication only. In order to efficiently support testing tasks, it is important to verify the communication methods being used where the test is conducted. The more convenient and feature-rich the tools used, the better testers will be able to convey the experience accurately.

If a game needs to be released in multiple languages, developers may only require test results for one specific language, so you don’t necessarily need to be familiar with multiple languages. Still, it’s important to note that test results can be conveyed in the developer’s native language for more accurate feedback.

There are various recruitment conditions for testing, so it is essential to carefully examine the conditions described in the description when deciding to apply. Depending on the developer or recruiting organization, there may be team members who speak different languages, which can become an important factor in language communication.

The Appeal of Remote Game Testing Jobs

You’ll have the opportunity to experience a free-flowing work environment and a variety of game and test experiences. Think of your work as contributing to the success of a new game by being a part of its development. How exciting would it be to play a game with new technology and find yourself ahead of everyone else?

For developers, experiences acquired from various environments, devices, and users is important data for analyzing the success of a game. Help developers by sharing your gaming experience, and receive rewards.

If you’re interested in the testing profession or aspiring to be in it, why not try working remotely from home as a tester?

Or are you looking for a work-from-home job as a game tester ?

Being able to earn money while playing games is a dream come true for most gaming enthusiasts. There are many websites where game testers can test out upcoming games and look for bugs and glitches.

The game testing websites we’re featuring today provide a safe platform for beginners looking to turn their passion for gaming into a career.

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