The Game industry is expected to boom over the next two to three years as it continues to grow.  Alongside this, quality testing is becoming increasingly more important for a more positive gaming experience.

Professional game QA service personnel and in-house solutions enable Latis Global to offer a wide range of game QA services.Today we will explore what game testing is, as well as the game features and overall usability trends in 2024.

What Is Game QA and Testing?

QA and Testing means to deeply analyze your game to detect and identify bugs.

Basically, a user group checks if there are any issues that can occur during game play and verifies if features are functioning as planned.

We conduct tests with a multitude of possible scenarios to identify potential bugs and issues beforehand, and collaborate closely with the respective departments to discuss these matters.

The Game QA manager, needs to be able to communicate with a variety of different departments and affiliates.

Therefore, Game QA is not just about testing, but also about clearly identifying and managing damages and risks caused by the quality of our products in the market.

Game QA and Testing Trends in 2024

1. Game QA and Testing Trends in 2024:

It will be essential to test across many platforms, includingmobile, console, PC, and VR devices.

As a result, there is an increasing demand for cross-platform compatibility, functionality, and more, and QA testers need to familiarize themselves with testing techniques that are specific to each platform.

2. Automation Powered by Artificial Intelligence:

Test automation has consistently been discussed and developed as a topic, regardless of industry downturns.

In the past,various methodologies and tools have emerged, including automation with code scripts and automation with mobile UI tracking tools.

There has been a recent surge in issues surrounding artificial intelligence, and it’s true that how to utilize it is a hot topic.

We don’t yet have a tool or AI platform that is reliable enough to be commercialized for QA.

However, as mentioned earlier, regardless of an industry recession, the essence of QA is not to create products and generate sales for customers, but to prevent losses due to quality after the product is launched in the market, so it is believed this area will continue to develop and various tools and AI technologies will emerge.

3. Multiplayer Performance:

MOBA, role-playing, and real-time strategy game genres have been dominating the online gaming scene for quite some time now.

For these games, it’sessential that the user functionality and interface of the game is perfected.

Depending on the popularity and demand, E-Sports tournaments for certain games can spawn new markets and careers.

This is why it is particularly important for such games to conduct a meticulous analysis of balance and detect various bugs within the game in advance.

In 2024, multiplayer games will continue to be popular, and QA testers will need to take into account the experience that users have already gained over time.

Considering this, it’s ok to have an FGT to receive more user feedback, but it would be better to have an expert evaluation or Fun QA with an agency that has professional testers on staff and QA testers who are familiar with the industry.

The Future of Game QA

What we mean is, QA testing in the gaming industry is like exploring a vast and intricate maze, armed with a keen eye for uncovering hidden traps. It’s a profession where one delicately navigates through the twists and turns, shining a light on potential pitfalls and ensuring the path to a flawless game release remains clear.

As trends in popular genres change, various testing techniques and new methodologies will be presented and further developed accordingly, and as technology advances and AI and automated testing become more advanced, QA tasks will change accordingly.

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