As the global gaming community continues to grow annually, ensuring games resonate with players worldwide becomes essential. Localized games are warmly received when launched in various countries. Localization is one of the key factors in reaching a wider international audience, boosting sales, and providing gamers with an enjoyable and immersive experience.  

Look at the transformation of Genshin Impact following its localization efforts. Initially developed as a Chinese game, it expanded its reach by offering localization in 13 text languages and 4 voice-over languages. This strategic move paid off significantly, as evidenced by its remarkable financial success. Within its first year of release, Genshin Impact generated over $3 billion in revenue. By March 2022, its global revenue surpassed $4 billion, highlighting the substantial impact of localization on its success. 

One of the No. 1 Company that offers high-quality Video Game Localization Services is Latis Global. 

Latis Global possess over 20 years of experience in localizing games worldwide. They recognize the importance of delivering distinctive localization services tailored to the unique needs of each game. Its team comprises game-savvy translators, reviewers, native speakers, and engineers dedicated to delivering top-notch localization services. Leveraging its linguistic expertise and strict Quality Assurance (QA) processes, they employ professional tools, glossaries, translation memories, and style guides to ensure unparalleled translation quality. 

Latis Global’s team comprises native-speaking translators who possess deep expertise in both linguistic proficiency and gaming-related subject matters. These translators are not only fluent in multiple languages but also have in-depth knowledge of gaming terminology, mechanics, and culture. This specialized expertise allows them to accurately translate gaming content while capturing its nuances and ensuring cultural relevance. 

Additionally, Latis Global implements a strict quality assurance process to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and quality in their translations. This process involves thorough review and validation at each stage of translation, from initial interpretation to final proofreading. By adhering to strict quality control measures, Latis Global ensures that their translations meet the expectations of their clients and the demands of the gaming industry. 

Latis Global employs a comprehensive approach to Quality Assurance (QA) across various aspects of game localization. In Linguistic QA, the focus is on rectifying mistranslations, addressing untranslated parts, ensuring UI consistency, enhancing text readability, and modifying NPC dialogue style and tone. Visual QA involves fixing issues related to text areas, tag source loading, and text alignment. The Rewrite QA process aims to align text with the game’s current situation and suggests or rewrites terminology based on the game’s concept. Functional QA covers a range of aspects, including fixing keyboard issues, checking coding and link-related problems, testing game functions and audio, examining NPC-related issues, and addressing typo/language issues. This multi-faceted QA approach ensures a thorough assessment and enhancement of the gaming experience. 

Since its establishment in 2004, Latis Global has played a crucial role in the localization efforts of some of the most popular games globally. Over the years, Latis Global has worked with leading game developers and publishers to adapt their games for international audiences. Leveraging their extensive experience and expertise in localization, Latis Global has helped these games reach players in diverse regions around the world. Through meticulous attention to linguistic and cultural nuances, Latis Global has ensured that the localized versions of these games maintain the same level of quality and immersion as their original counterparts. As a result, Latis Global has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the gaming industry, contributing significantly to the success of numerous popular and successful games. 

Latis Global has earned the trust of game developers worldwide through its consistent delivery of high-quality gaming services. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and expertise in the gaming industry. Game developers choose Latis Global for its meticulous attention to detail, linguistic proficiency, and commitment to meeting the unique requirements of each project. Latis Global has become a preferred partner for game developers seeking to reach global audiences effectively. 

Latis Global is dedicated to empowering game developers by providing them with important services and support for the successful development and launch of their games. Its expertise in localization, quality assurance, player support, and high-quality game sounds contribute to the overall success and excellence of game developers’ projects. They strive to be a reliable partner in the gaming industry, helping developers achieve their goals and deliver exceptional gaming experiences to players worldwide. Ready to elevate your game development journey? Contact Latis Global today! Go to this link: