Outsourcing gaming services can bring several advantages to game developers and companies. Games like PUBG Battlegrounds, League of Legends, The Sims, and others have achieved success by outsourcing their gaming services. 

 Here are the reasons why you should choose to outsource: 

1. Cost Efficiency 

Outsourcing allows game developers to access a global talent pool at a lower cost compared to hiring in-house teams. This can result in significant cost savings. 

According to studies, companies can save between 70% and 90% in labor costs by outsourcing non-core business functions[1] . 

2. Access to Specialized Skills 

Game development often requires a diverse set of skills, including coding, design, localization, quality assurance and more. Outsourcing allows developers to tap into the expertise of specialists in each of these areas. 

3. Focus on Core Competencies 

By outsourcing non-core functions such as localization, QA testing, or customer support, game developers can concentrate on their core competencies, such as game design and development. This can lead to increased efficiency and innovation. 

4. Faster Time-to-Market 

With access to a skilled and dedicated workforce, outsourcing can accelerate the development process. This can be crucial in the competitive gaming industry where time-to-market is a significant factor. 

5. Global Market Reach 

Outsourcing localization services enables games to be adapted for various markets and languages, expanding their reach to a global audience. 

Localization is essential for success in the diverse and international gaming market. Take Genshin Impact, originating from China, achieved massive success by providing translations in numerous languages, surpassing $4 billion in revenue by March 2022. Similarly, Animal Crossing is on track to become the best-selling series on Nintendo Switch following its localization efforts. It is also one of the largest translation projects of Nintendo. 

By outsourcing localization services on Latis Global, you can easily gain access to experts who understand the gaming preferences, trends and cultural nuances of specific regions. These experts are native to the target region and are game enthusiasts, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the local player’s sentiments and gaming trends. 

Game developers can ensure that the game will resonate with the players, maximizing its success in the market. 

6. Provide 24/7 Operations for your Gamers 

Latis Global has access to different geographic locations that enables the client’s company to have 24/7 continuous operations, with teams working around the clock. This can be advantageous for tasks that require ongoing attention, such as customer support. 

7. Advanced Technologies 

Outsourcing partners often invest in the latest technologies and tools. Game developers can benefit from access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise without having to make significant upfront investments. 

One example of this is Latis Global’s AI companion app, designed to streamline and improve the player support process. 

Here’s how Latis Global’s AI companion app works and the benefits it offers to game developers: 

  • Ticket Analysis: The Latis AI app is equipped with advanced algorithms that can analyze player support tickets efficiently. It can quickly categorize and prioritize tickets based on their nature, severity, and other relevant factors. 
  • Automated Responses: With its natural language processing capabilities, the Latis AI app can generate automated responses to common player queries and issues. These responses are tailored to provide accurate and helpful assistance to players, saving time and effort for support teams. 
  • Efficiency: By automating ticket analysis and response generation, the Latis AI app significantly improves the efficiency of the player support process. Support teams can handle a larger volume of tickets in less time, reducing response times and improving overall player satisfaction. 

By outsourcing player support services to Latis Global and leveraging its advanced AI capabilities, game developers can focus on core development tasks while ensuring that their players receive top-notch support and assistance whenever they need it. 

8. Quality Assurance 

Dedicated QA teams in outsourcing firms can contribute to thorough testing processes, ensuring high-quality game development and reducing the likelihood of bugs or issues. 

While outsourcing offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to carefully choose outsourcing partners and establish clear communication channels to ensure successful collaboration.  

Latis Global, with over 20 years of experience, has been empowering game developers. Partnering with them grants you access to a diverse team of specialists excelling in various aspects of gaming services. Outsourcing tasks to Latis Global not only save valuable time for core development but also ensures efficiency and timely project delivery. With flexibility to adapt and scale resources as needed, Latis Global brings industry expertise and deep gaming knowledge, ensuring the quality and success of your project. Choosing Latis Global as your outsourcing partner means having a reliable and experienced team supporting your game development journey. Get in touch with them through this link: https://latisglobal.com/contact/ 


[1] Gupta,  R. (Jan 2024), 30+ Outsourcing Statistics You Need to Know in 2024, Finmaster, https://finmasters.com/outsourcing-statistics/#gref